TEAM Nieset is here to help you make healthy living simple. We can provide you with guidance on Nutrition, Running, Stretching & Strength Training, Time Management, Personal Development, and Health & Wellness. We work with every level, from beginners to experienced. We are committed to helping you improve yourself and lead a Healthy Lifestyle.

We have been a TEAM for over 20 years and we are committed to helping you reach your health and fitness goals. Our unique wealth of knowledge is used to reach a wide range of people. As a Physical Therapist, Jen has valuable tools to help ensure you exercise safely. Keeping healthy living simple in our busy lives is her #1 priority! Craig’s lifetime of running experience as well as specific track & field credentialing helps runners of all levels reach their goals. Wherever you are on your journey…whatever your fitness level…we are here for you! We believe strongly in the concept of Together Everyone Achieves More. We KNOW that accountability is key to consistency and reaching those goals! We would love to have you on our TEAM!