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Jennifer Nieset


In the spring of 2015, I started out on this coaching journey. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was all about. I knew I felt a strong pull toward it but I couldn’t exactly explain why.

I had fallen in love with a program first. My “rule following” side loved having a schedule to follow. Even though it wasn’t my intention to do this Piyo thing everyday, I found myself following along and doing the workouts as Chalene Johnson was coaching me. At first, this program filled a need for me. I was getting injured over and over as I attempted to train for a marathon. I was frustrated and discouraged. Of all people…me, a Physical Therapist and lifetime runner, should know how to train for a marathon without getting injured!

But I was missing a critical piece, and deep down I knew it. My alignment was key but as my mileage increased, I failed to make time for stretching and strengthening. My 40 year old body was screaming at me and demanding that I make time to do both of those things. So…I completed the program. And this past April I completed a marathon without injury! Now, I was one minute shy of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, my ultimate goal, but my journey and story continues to unfold.

I also noticed, after 8 weeks, changes in my post-4 baby body that I had previously not been able to accomplish without the structure of a program! I was stronger and leaner in my core…my pants started fitting looser and then I noticed my runs were getting faster! There was something to this schedule and program. Hmmm.

So, I signed up to coach. I knew I wanted to help others. Helping others comes easily to me. I do it every day as a Physical Therapist. Actually, honestly, I want to be DONE working weekends. Period. When the kids were little, weekends were easier. No childcare costs and higher pay scale. Now…I am missing games and not home to help get kids to and from practice, etc. My goal is to replace my weekend income so I can stay home and not miss these priceless games! I have not accomplished this goal yet. BUT I will.

A most amazing thing has happened these past few months. I have grown in confidence and passion. This organization I work for stresses three vital behaviors:

– Being proof their products work
– Inviting and sharing your journey
– Personal development

As I started doing these three things every day, I started to grow and change myself, from the inside. I am still figuring out how to set goals and align my actions and decisions around my priorities. I have gained confidence that I could complete a program, start to finish. I have gained confidence in myself and what value I have to offer others. I started to receive feedback and praise and gratitude from friends and family who allowed me to help them. I cannot explain the feeling of joy I felt when my sister told me she is off all stomach meds from drinking her Shakeology AND she can FEEL and see a difference in her attitude and mental health as she has committed to personal development and her own program. I have helped friends lose weight, begin healthy habits, make lifestyle changes all while I am working on my own personal growth and development. I am overwhelmed every day by the personal messages of thanks I receive, the friendships I have formed and the hope for the future that I know is unfolding! I know God is the driving force behind this journey. The push and drive and motivation I feel each and every day I wake up committed to giving back and help others…it must be what it means to live life with purpose and passion.

Craig Nieset

Craig Nieset and his wife Jennifer have four children; Brianna, Ashley, Jacob, and Caleb and reside in Chardon, Ohio. Craig is a USA Track & Field – Level 2 Endurance – Certified Running Coach. He started his running career at Fremont St. Joseph Central Catholic High School and then continued it at Bowling Green State University. After college, he helped train athletes when he founded Puma Midwest Racing TEAM, a running TEAM for post-collegiate athletes. He has helped numerous athletes reach their personal best performance in many different events. He started his high school coaching career as the Head Boys & Girls Cross Country Coach and Assistant Track & Field Coach at Woodmore High School in Elmore, Ohio. In the Spring of 2000, he guided Meredith Magsig to the State Championship in the 3200 run. In the Fall of 2000 he guided the Woodmore girl’s cross country TEAM to a 4th place finish at the State Championships. In 2001, he guided the boys cross country TEAM to the State Championships were they finished 13th. In 2001, he took on a very busy schedule in accepting the Head Boys & Girls Track & Field Coaching position at Fremont St. Joseph Central Catholic High School and continued as the Assistant Track & Field Coach at Woodmore High School, all during the same track & field season. In 2005, he coached one season as the Head Boys & Girls Track & Field Coach at Gibsonburg High School. At this time he stepped away from coaching to help raise his family and finally returned to coaching track & field in 2014 at Notre Dame Cathedral Latin High School. He continues today as he helps with the numerous TEAMS that his kids participate on and also is the New Assistant Boys Track & Field and Boys & Girls Cross Country Coach at Mentor High School.

Personally, Craig continues to train at elite levels, using regular strength training and stretching found in Beachbody’s programs, including P90X3 and Master’s Hammer and Chisel. He is able to maintain perhaps the best shape of his life, while working full time, raising 4 kids, coaching and volunteering. He is a firm believer in the importance of nutrition, making Shakeology a daily routine, as well as regular use of Beachbody’s Performance line products.