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Team Nieset is passionate about helping people with their health and fitness goals!

We are passionate about helping hold people accountable!
We are passionate about sharing our simple tips to maintain this healthy lifestyle.
We are passionate about helping people overcome their excuses and making their fitness a priority.
We are passionate about motivating and inspiring others and being a positive role model for our kids.
We are passionate about sharing our journey and pray everyday for like minded people to join our TEAM. Do you feel a tug at your heart to learn more about health and fitness coaching?

Want to know what is a coach exactly??

A coach is someone who inspires us to do better than we know how!
A coach is someone who says “I believe in you!”
A coach is someone who helps show you the way to reach for the stars. A coach gives you the tools you need to set yourself up for success.
A coach gives you wings and then watches you soar.

A coach leads by example, motivates and inspires, teaches, shares, grows, fails.
A coach is committed to working on herself or himself so that they can give back and pay it forward.
A coach DOES NOT have to be at their ideal weight or be a pinnacle of health!
A coach needs to be committed to being the best version of themselves and helping others along the way!

TEAM Nieset is looking for LIKE MINDED people to join us on our journey, to pay it forward, to live life with passion!


Jennifer and Craig Nieset

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