Success Stories

Trisha RobertsTrisha Roberts

Hi everyone I recently completed the 3 day refresh and wanted to post my thoughts. Honestly I was skeptical at first and day 1 was tough. I followed the program to a tee and actually didn’t even have the
“healthy fat” option that was allowed at lunch. While I was hungry quite a bit, especially in the evening, I can honestly say I felt good, had great ener- gy and slept great. I didn’t even miss coffee that much! Drinking tons of water was a big change for me and I’m going to continue. I lost 3.5 lbs (my goal was not to lose weight and I’m sure as I begin eating more it will come back) and my stomach is definitely flatter – my before and after photos are noticeable. Thanks Jennifer Nieset for the positive encour- agement ! I look forward to continuing the journey.

Marcy OlgiateMarcy Olgiate

Jen I just want to tell you Thank you and how much you have changed my way of looking at my health. I may have a long way to go but the amount of support you have given me means so much. You and Craig have been an inspiration. Just seeing you two make your changes together shows that with some support anything can be done. You have introduced me to an easy workout plan and how to make better food choices for me and my family. ( keep the recipes ideas coming) I have more motivation to work out and knowing that just taking little steps, it will help me get to my goals and stay there! Thanks for being there for my ups and downs!

Ingrid Alecia

Jennifer Nieset I’m so grateful u created this page and for being my coach for the past two months;) I’ve learned so much from you I feel more confident in the meal choices I make and exercises I choose that have result in progress toward my goals. My family have really seen a difference in my physique, motivation, and nutrition .

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Meet my dear friend, Melissa!
Melissa is a wife, mom of three kids (twin girls and a handsome son), teacher, sister and friend!

This summer Melissa decided to put away her excuses and commit to herself. She had some ex- cuses you may have heard or used yourself…not enough time, not enough money, not important enough.

This summer something snapped for her. Something changed. She went all in…she committed perfectly to 21 days… 21 Day Fix with Shakeology as her secret weapon. You have heard me share about this program recently. 30 minute workouts, 21 days, portion control meal planning. No more excuses. When she finished 21 days, she started over again! She is continuing on her journey, making positive daily habits, compounding to give her the results she has been longing for…inside and out. She has lost 27 pounds and is down 3-4 sizes! When school started in August, she need- ed an entirely new wardrobe!

She is being an amazing role model for her family and friends. In fact, she helped her mom begin the meal plan portion control this summer. At last count, after one month of portion control, clean eating, her mom had lost 41 pounds, had lower cholesterol and more energy than she has had in years. Just from following the MEAL PLAN PEOPLE!!

The picture you see here represents her ongoing transformation. I feel so blessed to have been part of this journey for her. I look forward to watching her continue to set and reach her goals. She is not going back!

21 days…where do you want to be in 21 days?
Need more info on how to get started? Send us a message and let’s get you started!!